From Darkness

Main Title

Concept style frames for From Darkness is a major psychological crime drama starring Anne-Marie Duff, an ex-constable hiding from the guilt of her past who is slowly drawn back to confront her darkness.

Client: BBC
Produced by Hello Charlie
Concept, Design & Direction: Gavin Lamb

Concept: "Out of Darkness"

This concept presents the potent, seductive imagery from the contrasting worlds of From Darkness; the Isle of Canna and inner city Manchester, seamlessly woven together and treated with the same clarity and creativity. Both are atmospheric worlds of beauty, mystery and compelling allure. 

Starkly lit, the subject of each scene emerges out of darkness. The black and silver tones will feel luminescent and magical with an inherent tension and drama - anything can, and will happen in this world. A sense of death, menace and the unknown lurks, as well as the possibility of sexual violence. These representations are ambiguous in their presentation; sexual imagery could be perceived as tender, consenting relations, infidelity, vice or assault. The images meanings are left to the viewers interpretation, which will shift and distort as the events of the drama unfold.