Main Title

Paranoid is an ITV conspiracy thriller that tells the story of a female GP who is murdered in a rural children's playground with an abundance of eyewitnesses.

A group of detectives embark on what seems to be a straightforward murder investigation, but as they delve deeper into the case they are quickly drawn into the twists and turns of an ever-darkening mystery, which takes them unexpectedly across Europe.

Client: Red Production Company
Produced by Hello Charlie
Concept, Design & Direction: Gavin Lamb

Concept: "Hall of Mirrors"

This visceral, experiential sequence gives a distorted view of the world, suggestive of both the symptoms of mental disorders and the side effects of the drugs prescribed to treat them. Referencing one of the key elements of the drama's conspiracy, this approach focusses on people and the common experience of suffering from mental illness, and ultimately the choices that they face - treatment options and whether the prescription of medication is necessary.